Curracloe is a fledgling farm in Guildford, Victoria run by two food lovers passionate about provenance, story telling, simplicity, sustainability and community.

Marcus - a civil engineer raised on a beef farm in Victoria's high country, and Lara - a Bendigo-raised writer, have been dreaming of Curracloe for many years. With a shared love of good, natural food, they wanted to put their respective farming experience and passion for sustainable practice to good use in operating a small farm according to the principles they know, all the while learning as they go.

The Name

Curracloe was the name of the horse on which Marcus' father Tom Goonan bet the money he had saved for an engagement ring for his soon to be bride Diane. Sadly for Diane, Curracloe was not such a safe bet. And fortunately for Tom, Diane's father came to the rescue, insisting Tom purchase a ring for Diane at a local jeweller for which he would foot the bill. All four Goonan boys inherited their father's love of horse racing, but luckily for them they also inherited their mother's good financial sense. The boys also inherited both parents' love of farming which bodes well for the future of Curracloe.

The name also comes from a town in Ireland's County Wexford (Currach Clo).